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All current PIDG company tenders will be listed here, as well as on individual PIDG company websites.

Please be aware that we require all service providers to comply with our Operating Policies and Procedures to ensure that our projects are developed in accordance with our standards and will be both bankable and sustainable.

Current tenders

Request for proposal – Viability Gap Funding Concept Note for a 46MW biomass power project in Cote d’Ivoire

EAIF wishes to apply for a Viability Gap Funding (VGF) grant for the Project. To support each VGF grant application, PIDG requires a concept note setting out an early stage appraisal of the subsidy requirements of the relevant project to establish (i) whether there is a need for a VGF grant from PIDG; (ii) if the answer to (i) is yes, what the amount of the VGF grant should be; and (iii) the benefit(s) and affordability of the relevant project.

Download full proposal and timetable for submissions here

PIDG contact person: Luke Foley, Senior Grants and Programme Manager, TAF

Requests for clarification must be in writing and will be accepted up to 17.00 UK time on 17 January 2020

Clarifications to the Request for Proposal

Closing date for submissions: 24 January 2020

Off Grid Power RFQ

Off Grid Power is Requesting for Quotation (RFQ) for minor civil works for twenty (20) off-grid power systems in eastern and southern Sierra Leone. This is a re-issue of the previous RFQ which was not awarded due to specification issues.

Tender Process

This tender consists of two stages.

  • Request for Quotation: After all initial tender responses are received, selected bidders will be invited to negotiations. The aim of this process would be to clarify certain aspects of the quotations. Details surrounding commercial terms will also be discussed during the negotiation phase.
  • Negotiation: would be followed by submissions of finalized quotes of selected bidders which would be evaluated by the OGP team. Please note that OGP reserves the right to award the contract without negotiation.

OGP will only negotiate with most relevant bidders after assessing quotes according to price, technical suitability, met requirements, experience, references and OGP interpretations of associated project risk.

Responses to the RFQ should be submitted by December 31 2019, 6pm UCT

Clarifications should be requested up to December 23rd 2019, 3PM UCT

Download full proposal here

Contact details are as below:

Tender lead: Mohammed Conteh, PX Manager

Commercial lead: Michael Corbishley, Country Director


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