Bonergie solar powered irrigation, Senegal

Boosting agricultural productivity in rural Senegal

convertible loan

delivering 100 solar powered irrigation systems


Solar powered irrigation is an evolving sector and access to finance has proved challenging to date.

InfraCo Africa and solar equipment specialist, Bonergie Senegal, have established a local Special Purpose Vehicle, Bonergie  Irrigation, to produce and implement high quality irrigation systems across rural Senegal. Expected to be operational in 2020, the first phase of the project will deliver 100 SPIS; replacing existing diesel pumps or providing small-scale farmers with first time access to irrigation. Senegal’s farmers largely depend upon the country’s rainy season for irrigating crops, limiting yields and leaving them vulnerable to fluctuating rainfall.



InfraCo Africa, in September 2019, signed a Convertible Loan Agreement with Bonergie Irrigation SASU (Bonergie Irrigation), committing US$320,000 to pioneer delivery of Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) for use by small-scale farmers in Senegal.

The Bonergie Irrigation project will pilot the use of a Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA) with farmers, under which each farmer will pay for an irrigation system over a period of 18 months. At the end of the HPA period, each farmer will become energy autonomous, owning his or her system outright, with the option to enter into a maintenance agreement with Bonergie Irrigation.  The choice of unit will be tailored to the needs of individual farmers and the project will provide water management training.


With all finance now in place, it is anticipated that the roll out of solar irrigation systems to 100 farmers will be completed in 2020. If successful, InfraCo Africa plans to invest in a further phase to substantially increase access to solar powered irrigation across the country, multiplying the benefits for reducing farmer’s operational costs and CO² emissions, enhancing household incomes and delivering greater food security for rural families.

Bonergie is very happy that InfraCo Africa is entering into a partnership with us. Solar pumping and irrigation have huge market potential, with a particularly strong impact on small and medium scale farmers; empowering them to become profitable while reducing the amount of diesel they use, and therefore their CO² emissions. Having this strong and experienced partner on our side will enable Bonergie to scale our already successful Business Model. Bonergie is setting up a Last Mile Distribution Network with offices in all regions of Senegal, work which will certainly be reinforced by this partnership

Gabriele Schwartz

Founder of Bonergie and President of Bonergie Irrigation

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