How we operate

PIDG operates along the project life cycle and across the capital structure, to help projects overcome financial, technical or environmental challenges, creating investment-ready, bankable infrastructure opportunities.

The new PIDG Ltd. “holding company” governance structure, established in 2018, enables greater clarity and unity of direction from the PIDG Ltd. Board and Executive team to the companies and provides more effective direction, guidance and control.



The members of the Private Infrastructure Development Group, which fund the PIDG Trust and therefore the PIDG group

PIDG Trust

A trust established in 2002 under the laws of Mauritius by the PIDG Owners to fund the PIDG Companies (including PIDG Ltd.) and to further the activities of PIDG


Established in 2018, PIDG Ltd. acts as the parent company of the PIDG group, controlling management and operations of the group of companies (the Group) and ensuring the group achieves its Owners’ objectives