Upstream Technical Assistance

PIDG’s reconfigured IFC-PIDG/TAF business supports the other PIDG businesses by providing support to project development and enabling transactions, improving the affordability and/or impact of projects through Viability Gap Funding (VGF), transaction advisory services, and piloting new programmatic initiatives.

  • Technical Assistance Facility (TAF)

    TAF plays a central role in enabling PIDG to initiate multi-company programmes and centrally-driven initiatives that are not specific to a particular company and that align with PIDG strategic objectives.

    At a glance

    PIDG members currently fundingUK aid, DFAT, DGIS, SECO, Sida, World Bank Group (IFC)
    Cumulative PIDG member funding$79.8m
    Total commitments as at 31 Dec 2017$19.5m to 67 completed grants $36.3m to 58 live grants $1.6m to 19 completed grants where the PIDG parent projects were cancelled or permanently stalled
    2017 commitments$4.7m to 22 grants
  • DevCo

    DevCo provides advisory services to governments in the poorer (DAC I and II) countries to help them structure transactions that facilitate private sector participation in infrastructure projects.

    At a glance

    PIDG members currently fundingUK aid, DGIS, Sida, World Bank Group (IFC). DevCo is funded directly, not through the PIDG Trust
    Cumulative PIDG member funding$91.0m
    Total commitments as at 31 Dec 2017$41.0m to 64 projects/mandates, including 30 that have reached financial close, 13 that have reached commercial close, 16 under active development, and 5 closed after completing Phase I or Post-Transaction work
    2017 commitments$4.0m to 5 projects

    Expected development impact

    The cumulative figures exclude the results from the Central Java IPP project (TICs of $4.3bn, Access of 7.5m), as the size would skew DevCo’s results

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